Four directors, Prof. Dr. Hebeler, Prof. Dr. Raue, Prof. Dr. Reiff und Prof. Dr. von Ungern-Sternberg, lead the IRDT. —

The respective directors represent diverse fields of research, thus facilitating the institute’s broad, interdisciplinary approach to examining and analyzing the legal changes caused by digitization.

Prof. Dr. Hebeler and Prof. Dr. von Ungern-Sternberg examine constitutional and administrative legal issues within the field of digital law, while Prof. Dr. Reiff and Prof. Dr. Raue explore the civil law aspects therein.

Rotating annually, one director assumes the role of Managing Director. Prof. Dr. Raue is the Managing Director in 2019-2020.


Prof. Dr. Timo Hebeler

Timo Hebeler researches constitutional, administrative, and social law. In the realm of legal issues relating to digitization, his particular research interests include the development processes of electronic governance in public administration and the effects of digitization on social security law. In the field of administrative law, Prof. Dr. Hebeler’s research focuses on public service law, which also faces the challenges of digitization.

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Prof. Dr. Benjamin Raue

Benjamin Raue is professor of law at Trier University and Academic Director of the Institute for Digital Law Trier (IRDT). His research and teaching focus are both on information society law and intellectual property law. In addition to classic intellectual property law topics related to digitalization, he specializes in platform liability and regulation of artificial intelligence. Together with Antje von Ungern-Sternberg, he organized the academic conference of the 63rd Bitburger Gespräche: Legal Challenges of Artificial Intelligence. They also founded the Trier Talks on Law and digitalization, which the Institute continues to host. He regularly holds lectures and seminars on intellectual property law and the law of Digital Humanities.

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Prof. Dr. Peter Reiff

Peter Reiff is a private law professor whose research focuses on liability and insurance law, two fields particularly challenged by the development of autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. Legal questions of liability and insurance related to driving autonomous vehicles provide prime examples of these challenges. Prof. Dr. Reiff’s further research interests explore the legal consequences of the insurance industry’s digitization-driven reconstruction, with particular emphasis on insurance sales, actual contract conclusion, and claims processing.

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Prof. Dr. Antje von Ungern-Sternberg

Antje von Ungern-Sternberg analyzes the challenges of digitization from constitutional, comparative, and international law perspectives. She is particularly interested in legal and ethical questions surrounding autonomous systems, the effects of digitization on democracy and statehood, human autonomy in the face of new forms of surveillance and control, and discrimination through the use of algorithms. Prof. Dr. von Ungern-Sternberg teaches courses on data law. Together with Prof. Dr. Raue, she founded the Trier Talks on Law and Digitization, which the IRDT continues to host.

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