The IRDT is located on Campus II of the University of Trier on the 6th floor of the H-building.

Universität Trier, Campus II, Behringstraße 21, 54296 Trier

Path 1

When you are standing in the car park facing the university building, a path (initially paved, then finely gravelled) leads past the entire building complex on your left. After walking along this path, you will see a small pond on your left; the H-building is on your right (cf. picture). If you now enter the building through the red double doors, you will come to a foyer with a Foucault pendulum. There are lifts to the right. You can reach the 6th floor with the lifts (alternatively via the stairs on the left). You are now directly at the entrance to the Institute.

Path 2

Alternatively, coming from the car park, you can walk along the building on the right until you reach the entrance “Mensa”. If you follow the corridor and then turn left, you will first reach the refectory. From there, another corridor leads to the right to a lift. The lift (alternatively via the stairs on the left) will take you to the 6th floor. If you go through this, you will reach the IRDT premises after about half of the corridor.