Digitalisation and Law

Digitalisation is the key technology of the 21st century. It is not a temporary phenomenon, but will change our society permanently. Law, as a mirror and binding framework of society, must react to economic and cultural change. An essential task of the law in the foreseeable future will be to accompany and shape digital change.

The Institute for Digital Law Trier (IRDT) will seek an active role in this process and aims to contribute visible, substantive legal research on the law of digitalisation.

The team, headed by four directors, has identified five main area of research:

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GRUR Junge Wissenschaft

20.06.2024 - 21.06.2024

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  • 16. April 2024
    Erstes Treffen DigitS EU
  • 15. April 2024
    Digitale Resilienz: Effektives Recht auf sichere Software
  • 12. April 2024
    DigitS EU stellt sich vor
  • 26. March 2024
    Stellenausschreibung Wissenschaftliche/r Mitarbeiter/in (m/w/d)