Our director Prof. Dr. Antje von Ungern-Sternberg was guest on the Interdisciplinary Research Symposium on Global Perspectives on Responsible AI:

„Algorithms are increasingly used to assess risks, to judge people, to disseminate information, or to distribute goods. Apart from being more efficient than humans in processing huge amounts of data, algorithms – which are free of human prejudices and stereotypes – would also prevent discriminatory decisions, or so the story goes. However, many studies show that the use of algorithms can lead to discriminatory outcomes. My talk analyses different causes for these algorithm-based discriminations and outlines how two legal regimes, i.e. antidiscrimination law and data protection law, can cope with the issue of discrimination by algorithm. My central claim is that existing norms and concepts of antidiscrimination law can be used to identify illegal (or unwanted) forms of discrimination, and that data protection law can help to detect and to combat them.“

For more information about the virtual conference: https://responsible-ai.org/global-perspectives-on-responsible-ai/